Distribution Network with Customer and Metering Services


Ministry of Energy and Water Electricité du Liban (EDL)

Role of BUTEC

BUS (BUTEC Utility Services) Distribution service provider





Scope of Work

Network survey
  • Assessing the condition of all assets
  • Developing network mapping
  • Network inventory
Plans & programs
  • Developing procedures for each of the activities to be performed in the execution of the contact
  • Developing an investment plan to improve the state of the network based on the survey findings
Planning & design
  • Revision of existing MV and LV networks to identify network bottlenecks and advise of necessary re-enforcement schemes
  • Network re-configuration and schemes for power flow optimization
  • Thorough mapping of the network
  • Design of substations, overhead lines and underground cables
  • Design of distribution network protection schemes
  • New connections to customers
Construction of new distribution facilities
  • Providing new connections to MV and LV customers
  • Construction of indoor and outdoor MV/LV substations
  • Extension of the MV and LV overhead networks
  • Extension of the MV and LV underground networks
Operations & maintenance
  • Efficient operation of the MV and LV distribution network
  • Availability and reliability of the distribution network
  • Minimizing unplanned interruption
  • Responding to customer-related operational and emergency requests
  • Public and staff safety
Advanced metering infrastructure

Roll-out of an advanced metering infrastructure for remote operation of MV and LV meters including:

  • Remote reading
  • Remote connection
  • Remote disconnection
  • Etc.

Using power line carrier technology for communication between meters and data concentrator units (DCUs) installed next to MV/LV substations.

Customer services
  • Managing and analyzing all customer complaints
  • Responding to customer related operational requests
  • Informing the responsible parties to dispatch the technical teams in order to perform the necessary fault isolation and power restoration
Meter reading & bill collection
  • Meter reading management
  • Collection of bills issued by EDL
  • Maintaining detailed records of customer bill collection and accounts receivable
  • Identifying and recording all outstanding accounts
  • Reporting all non-paying customers and performing disconnect and re-connect activities
  • Generation of relevant indices related to meter reading, collection management and quality of service
  • Non-technical losses reduction
  • Monitoring & analyzing of non- technical losses by region
  • Setting & performing procedure for violations discovery
  • Detection and disconnection of illegal connections

Project Description

  • Territory covered 3,000 km2
  • 520,000 customers
  • 2,000,000 inhabitants
  • 850 employees
  • 6,000 km of MV overhead network
  • 12,000 km of LV overhead network
  • 700 km of MV underground network
  • 500 km of LV underground network
  • 6,000 MV/LV substations