Deira Island Wastewater Treatment Plant


NAKHEEL Group PJSC / the Palm Deira LLC, Dubai

Role of BUTEC

Main contractor in consortium with VWS Emirates LLC (Veolia Water Systems)





Scope of Work

EPC of the Sewage Treatment Plant including incoming sewer pipes, inlet sewage lift station, inlet headworks, Biological treatment and associated works (Electrical substation MV, LV) as well as testing and commissioning of the STP.

Project Description

  • Population equivalent: 240,000 PE
    • Total daily design flow: 36,000 m3/d
  • Design peak flow: 3,000 m3/h
  • Designed based on a Membrane Bioreactor type (MBR) of the biological treatment process. The proposed plant consists of all major treatment steps, i.e. preliminary treatment, secondary treatment, tertiary treatment, sludge, and odor treatment.
  • Structural design and construction of 20 process & facility buildings
  • Electrical & control equipment installation
  • Installation of all process mechanical equipment, mechanical process networks (sewerage, Process water & compressed air) and non-process networks (Water supply, irrigation, stormwater & firefighting)
  • Installation of mechanical non-process networks and (Water supply, irrigation, stormwater & firefighting) system for utility & Administration buildings and HVAC.