Sharjah Waste to Energy Project


Sharjah Waste to Energy Company (a JV between Masdar and Bee’ah)

Role of BUTEC

Subcontractor to CNIM





Scope of Work

Civil works of the entire site and the construction of all buildings of the project which consist of 30MW generation from the Sharjah Municipality domestic waste and tie-in to SEWA’s grid.

Project Description

Masdar and Bee’ah, are developing a cutting-edge waste-to-energy plant in Sharjah, the Middle East’s leading and award-winning environmental management company. Diverting more than 300,000 tonnes of solid waste from landfill each year, it will contribute to Sharjah’s effort to reach “zero waste-to-landfill” target by 2020 and the UAE to deliver its 2021 goal of diverting 75% of solid waste from landfills.

The facility will incinerate around 37.5 tonnes of municipal solid waste per hour to generate energy and will be located

adjacent to Bee’ah’s existing Material Recovery Facility in Sharjah, where Emirate of Sharjah waste is collected, sorted, recycled and, where necessary, sent to landfills.

The incineration process converts the waste into produced heat which is then used to drive an electrical turbine. The net electrical power produced will be circ. 29 MW which will be supplied to the Sharjah electricity grid. The flue gas of the waste incineration will be treated before being released into the atmosphere.